Tips on Finding Accommodation for Students

Accommodation for students is very important especially if you are living far away from the university. That is why the university makes it a point to provide not only good academic facilities for you, but also advise on good accommodation for its students.

The University of The Sunshine Coast lists UniCentral as one of its recommended accommodation facilities for students and we would also like you to consider our student housing complex if you are in search for accommodation for students.

Here are some times to help you in your search of good student accommodation:

  • Find accommodation with a good environment. Your Sunshine Coast student accommodation will be the place where you would live and study. In order for learning to thrive, you need a conducive environment. Find a place where it is generally quiet and safe – a place where there is good ventilation and one that can cater to your basic personal needs.
  • Find somewhere affordable. Accommodation for students should not burn a hole in your pocket. If possible, find somewhere that has a good environment, but still within the budget. Getting an affordable place means you have more to spend on your other needs like food rather than putting it all off for shelter.
  • Find somewhere nearby. Whether you decide to live on-campus or off-campus, find a place where it is not far from the campus. Students usually have to go around the campus, and complete requirements, consult with professors, meet with group mates for a project, attend club meetings, and do other activities. If you live too far, you will have a hard time going back and forth for these activities.

Wherever you decide to live, whether it’s on-campus or off-campus, make sure that the place is safe and secure. It should be comfortable enough for you to call it your second home. We hope you consider UniCentral Student Housing for your accommodation needs.

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